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What do people think of when they hear the words “Forward Merch”? If you say “band t-shirts” or “stuff you buy” you are correct, but I am here to tell you we are so much more than that. We are the t-shirts, posters, cups, hats, all the mementos you cherish for a lifetime. Rock t-shirts handed down from one generation to the next; the prized album your grandfather gave you that captured the memory of your shared passion of music, the playbills that are framed and hung with pride from your first broadway shows.

We wanted our first blog post to be special, just like the merch we create. Memories can’t be replaced and moments in time may fade, but the tokens we carry from them last a lifetime.

Forward Merch has come so far. How far you might wonder? Well let me tell you. 30 years ago one man had the idea to print shirts for a few of the bands he idolized. His love of art and music planted the seed of forming a business around amazing music and art. As the years went by artists came and went, as artists do, but the company held firm to their talents at merchandising.

Today we not only print t-shirts, we have a full embroidery department, touring management, e-commerce solutions, marketing, warehousing and fulfillment. Basically – we got you!

We sure hope you will stick around and get to know us. We have a full team of experts that can answer any question for you, anytime of day or night. We know you have a busy schedule which is why we want to give you our full attention and get the job done quickly.

Now comes the question…what will our next blog post be about? Anyone have any ideas?