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Using embroidery to help your brand stand out: Part 1 Digitizing.

There are a million ways you can use embroidery to help your brand stand out, but it all starts with the expertise of the digitizer. Your logo and garment could be perfect for your client, but if you don’t have a well-digitized logo none of the hard work that went into it will matter. Digitizing you may ask, what is that? I am here to tell you and help you make your way through the world of embroidery with ease.

Digitizing is the process where an embroidery artist takes a computer program and “re-draws” your logo with the stitches the embroidery machine will use to create it. Some places use automatic digitizers that instantly create the logo. Here at Forward Merch we create custom logos for each client, so any issues will be worked out by our staff. Problems with small text and color blends can be worked out in a delicate fashion that will truly make your product a work of art. Don’t believe me, just ask for a sample!

Now that the process of turning your logo into embroidery is done, there are several other factors that can affect the final product:

  • There are limitations with thread colors. While the rest of the world revolves around a Pantone matching system, threads come is a wide variety of set colors. Our color guides will help you pick the color closest to your needs.
  • Size really does matter! Text and high detail look best at larger sizes. Keep in mind the use for the final product, no one will be able to read your phone number if it is embroidered at an inch wide. Our experts can help you decide the best size and placement for your design.
  • Some fabrics may not be ideal for embroidery, but we always have another recommendation that can better suit your needs. Many fabrics can be difficult to embroidery or feel scratchy and stiff when worn. A thicker garment or changing a placement can alleviate any future issues your clients may have.

That wraps up this segment of our embroidery post. Stay tuned for next time when we delve into the world of techniques!