Jeff’s approaching 40 years in the music business. Initially following a long held dream of starting out in radio he was able to land his 1st on air job at 18. He quickly jumped to programming on a major market AOR station and helped influence the development of artists like Motley Crue, Talking Heads and Bryan Adams by being one of the 1st programmers to place their debut records into rotation. After radio, Jeff made the transition to band management and helped with the careers of John Cafferty and Beaver Brown, Robert Hazard and Peter Himmelman. He helped to organize a tour with Himmelman in the former Soviet Union and proceeded to spent 2 months touring South Central Asia in the late 80’s. One of the 1st Western artists to do so. Jeff broke into merchandising in 89 with Brockum and spent 7 years touring with bands like Faith No More, Metallica, Allman Bros, Guns and Roses and Neil Young. Landing at JSR Merchandising in 1996, Jeff became partner and developed merchandising programs with such acts as Jackson Browne, CSN, Dropkick Murphys, Everclear, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Riverdance, Andrea Bocelli and many more. Finally, he helped initiate a partnership with Creative Goods to bring some of the biggest names from Broadway like Hamilton, Blueman Group, Cats and More. These new additions to the roster lead to the creation of a new company called Forward Merch which is handling some of the biggest names in the entertainment merchandising world.

Tiffini had a promising start in the business banking industry as an enrollee in the Junior Management program and yet she gave up that titillating career in 1996 in exchange for free concert tickets, chocolate bars and the legendary job title “Tour Girl”. After a few close calls on the Boston T with a backpack full of cash collected from whatever band rolled through town and a failed one-sided romance with Art Alexakis; she got serious about tees. She set out to learn every facet of the business and was promoted to oversee the Dover production facility. In other words, nobody else wanted the job. Two decades later, she broke through the glass ceiling and onto the roof; of which she had to be talked down from only once.

Over those 20+ years of working with Jeff Riccio from week one (which feels like a very long time) and later to include Kristian; together they were able to build an amazing team of employees whom contributed to the rocking business that it is today. Adding Creative Goods and a shiny new warehouse to the mix ensures that the good times roll on.

From serenading his babysitter to the first Boston record, to picking up every Kiss record at yard sales, music has always been a huge part of Kristian’s life. By the time he was Thirteen, he could be found screen printing his own breakdancing t-shirts and collecting every piece of Metallica merchandise he could get my hands on. So when given the opportunity to join the JSR team in 2000 he jumped at the chance to work with some of his favorite heavy metal acts that he had been listening to since grade school. Fast forward 18 years and he has been afforded some of the greatest opportunities to work hand in hand with said heavy metal acts and artists. Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life is a quote often said and in this case, rings true!

There was no other name that a group of Pop Culture junkies with decades of entertainment merchandising experience could use. Forward Merch. What defines us from the rest of the industry is our passion and our inability to sit still. You see it everyday on the faces of the people who work with us and will work with you. When you look up the definition of a full service merchandise company that’s what we are and more. No one else brings together the team and technology and the love for what they do. Whether it’s top quality printing, retail, fulfillment, wholesale, warehousing, web and pop-up stores or brand development, Forward Merch brings a more unique and innovative approach for their clients. Whether it’s in one of the worlds largest arenas, funkiest club or Broadway, you’ll see it on stage every night.